How to get boxing contract

How to get a boxing contract using the Ready to Fight platform?

Getting a boxing fight contract, and even more so a long-term professional boxing contract, is not an easy task. And of course, it requires certain factors and results. First of all, basic boxing skills, hard work and discipline are needed. Next, you need to prove yourself in the ring. Do not forget about promoting yourself in social media, the press and so on. And of course, you need to find a professional manager who will offer a decent contract.

The mission of Ready to Fight is to make career building easier and more accessible for every boxer in the world! That is why the platform has a functionality with which you can promote yourself and find a manager, an agent, a sparring partner, an opponent for a fight, and in the near future other specialists such as a trainer, a massage therapist, a taper, etc.

  1. Fill out your profile in as much detail as possible

  2. Promote yourself in the Feed

  3. Find an agent / a manager to sign a contract and give a powerful boost to your career

  4. Offer your services as:

  • Sparring partner

  • Opponent for a fight

  • Agent / manager