How to get boxing contract

A boxing contract is a crucial document for any boxer, requiring meticulous attention to ensure the fighter's interests are safeguarded.

Essential Clauses in a Boxing Manager Contract

Here are some key components that should be incorporated into a professional boxing contract:

  • Parties' names and contract details (date, duration, special terms)

  • Fees and bonuses

The contract should clearly outline the boxer's payment for fights or sparring sessions, as well as potential bonuses for winning title fights or meeting specific conditions.

  • Termination terms

The contract should specify circumstances allowing for early termination, such as a severe injury or violation of the contract's rules.

  • Fight specifics

The contract should contain details about fight arrangements. Moreover, separate contracts should be drafted for each fight, providing a more detailed account of the conditions.

  • Parties' duties

The contract should outline the duties and responsibilities of all parties involved, including coaches, managers, organizers, and others participating in the fight's organization.

  • Intellectual property

If the boxer creates materials like films, books, or instructional videos, the contract should address intellectual property rights.

  • Confidentiality

The contract may include confidentiality clauses to protect the boxer's training and strategy details.

  • Insurance

As boxing is a contact sport with a high risk of injury, insurance is mandatory to protect the boxer from potential financial losses. The contract should specify who is responsible for insurance payments and the extent of coverage. Generally, insurance covers medical expenses related to injuries and lost earnings if a boxer cannot compete due to injury.

Furthermore, the contract should detail who will cover training and equipment costs.

Key Components in a Boxing Match Contract (Simple Boxing Contract)

A boxing match contract is a concise agreement (simple boxing contract) between a boxer and their opponent before a specific fight.

Important points to include in such a contract:

  • Fight date and location;

  • Weight category;

  • Fight duration (number and length of rounds);

  • Fight fees;

  • Anti-doping measures;

  • Health and injury insurance;

  • Copyright (usage of the boxer's name, image, and photo; broadcasting rights).

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