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SubRing app for connect WEB2 & WEB3 community and the support of your favorite fighters.

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Buy "rates" and support your favorite fighters.


Unique content available only to rate owners.


Your assets while the rate of your favorite fighter is growing in price.

How it works?

  • 1

    The rate is a subscription to a fighter. By doing so, you support him and get access to exclusive content.

  • 2

    With each subscription, the price of the rate increases and the next subscription becomes more expensive. The earlier you subscribe, the cheaper it is.

  • 3

    The higher the rate of the fighter, the higher his rating

  • 4

    You can buy any number of rates

  • 5

    At any time, you can sell rates at market price

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Buy rates from a fighter

80% of the funds from the sale of rates goes to the fighter

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Trade on the rate market

Buy and sell rates on the exchange with only 10% commission

How to start?