Ready to Fight

The first and only blockchain ecosystem for millions of fighters, coaching staff, and billions of global fans!

Ready to Fight

Comprehensive ecosystem, linking everyone engaged in the boxing industry within a unified network.

Web3 Community
Individuals and groups focused on utilizing decentralized technologies to digitize and revolutionize boxing through blockchain.
These stakeholders include a variety of business entities and partnerships that contribute to the promotion, organization, and commercial sustainability of the boxing community.
Sponsors provide financial support to boxers, events, and organizations within the boxing community. Their funding helps support the growth and operation of the sport.
Professional and amateur boxers are at the heart of the community. They work on promoting their careers, connect with people, and keep growing along the way.
Fans are a crucial part of the boxing community, providing support for boxers and generating revenue for the sport through ticket purchases, merchandise sales, and viewership.

RTF Blockchain

The Ready to Fight ecosystem operates on its own EVM-compatible blockchain foundation, driven by its native $RTF token.

Value Proposition of Blockchain Adoption
Content monetization
Platforms and tools for earning from created content.
Move2Earn and PvP games
Games rewarding physical activity and gameplay with earnings.
DAO elements for platform management
Decentralized Autonomous Organization features for user-driven governance.
Decentralized ticketing service
Ticketing service powered by blockchain for secure, decentralized access.
Own payment system
Proprietary cryptocurrency payment system for seamless transactions.
Speed and convenience of cross-border transfers
Fast, easy international transfers using blockchain technology.
Marketplace of sports goods with token payment
Sports goods marketplace accepting cryptocurrency payments.
Premium features of the Ready to Fight platform
Exclusive access and benefits on the Ready to Fight platform.
Social network with Web3 support
Social networking platform integrated with Web3 technologies.

Ready to Fight Products

RTF Token Utility

Vital for functionality and growth, the lifeblood of the Ready to Fight Ecosystem boasts diverse utilities:

Monetize a boxer's development with donations
Pay for professional boxing services
Cover charges for boxing-related facilities and gear
Trade RTF on exchanges
Access exclusive fighter content
Support boxers


Q4 2023
A fight-centric Subring platform, inspired by the model.
News Portal
Delivers up-to-date news, insights, and exclusive content serving as a central hub for boxing enthusiasts and industry participants.
Job Wall
Connects professionals with career opportunities, facilitating growth and monetization of skills.
Q1 2024
RTF Promo Hub
A service with tools for diverse marketing campaigns to boost user activity.
RTF Wallet
Secure cryptocurrency storage facilitating seamless in-app trading and asset exchange.
Ticket Office
Provides a global platform for the easy purchase of tickets to boxing events worldwide.
Q2 2024
Testnet Network
A testnet for developers to validate blockchain applications risk-free.
A Subring platform for supporting fighters through "Rate" asset purchases, digital ratings equivalents.
A digital platform offering quality boxing gear and exclusive sportswear.
Q3 2024
Mainnet Network
A live blockchain platform for secure, real transactions and dApps, enabling financial and other services.
RTF Swap
A decentralized exchange for trading crypto assets, leveraging smart contracts for secure exchanges.
Q4 2024
RTF Payment System
State-of-the-art blockchain-based Fintech solution for r cross-border payments with white label payment cards.
RTF Stream
Offers live streaming of training, sparring, and fights, enhancing fan engagement with real-time content.
Q1 2025
RTF Digital Art
Enables digitization of exclusive content into NFT assets, opening new avenues for athlete monetization.
Online Training Camp
Offers virtual coaching, training, diet tips, and advice from RTF ambassadors for skill improvement.
Q2 2025
RTF Game Center
A multifaceted service within the RTF platform, featuring a marketplace for sports-themed games, allowing users to engage in interactive gaming experiences.

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