How to find agent / manager

As one of the most influential and responsible members of a boxer's team, an agent or boxing manager is tasked with finding quality sparring partners, worthy opponents for fights, and negotiating favorable conditions when working with promoters and other parties in the boxing industry.

The position entails a range of responsibilities, such as:

  • Excellent negotiation skills

  • Financial and legal knowledge

  • Ensuring fair and timely payment for their clients.

  • Managing a variety of organizational issues

The influence of an agent or manager on a boxer's successful career cannot be overstated.

Boxing agents seek to discover new, talented boxers who aspire to transition from the amateur ranks to the professional boxing category and become future world boxing stars.

Searching for an agent or boxing manager

It's challenging to find an agent or boxing manager who can elevate your career. The process often involves having the right connections within the industry. Some may attempt to attract an agent or manager at a boxing event, but not all fighters possess the necessary networking skills. To address this issue, the Ready to Fight platform was created to facilitate easier connections between boxers and agents or managers. The platform aims to simplify the process of finding promising fighters for agents and managers, and vice versa.

How to find an agent or boxing manager

The Ready to Fight platform offers several features designed specifically to help its members find sparring partners, agents, boxing managers, and opponents for fights. Additionally, there is a functionality available that allows for the creation of appropriate offers for collaboration with agents, managers, and other members of the platform. Each participant's profile includes detailed information, such as their achievements, parameters, and video materials, which can aid in their promotion within the boxing community.

By utilizing the Ready To Fight platform, you can find an agent or boxing manager by following the video instructions located at the top of the page.

Ready to Fight is your reliable boxing assistant!