How to find a boxing coach

Finding and choosing a personal boxing trainer is a crucial step in progressing on your boxing journey. The right coach can help you achieve maximum results and effectively develop your boxing career

What Should Be Taken into Account When Searching for and Choosing a Personal Boxing Trainer?

  1. Determine your goals and expectations - consider your sports ambitions, your current level of training, and the results you want to achieve

  2. Evaluate the technical knowledge, qualifications, and experience of the coach

A qualified trainer has:

  • technical knowledge in the field of boxing;

  • knowledge about physical exertion and features of the human body;

  • a level of authority in sports;

  • successful experience of working with different athletes, which allows the coach to adapt to different styles and individual characteristics of each boxer;

  • personal experience as a boxer;

  • excellent cases in their coaching activities;

  • relevant licenses and certificates;

  • knowledge about the history of boxing.

  1. Consider recommendations and reviews - this is one of the most reliable ways to find a good boxing coach. You can get recommendations from experienced boxers you know and find reviews about the trainer on thematic online resources. One great way to do this is to use «‎Ready to Fight», an online platform that enables the boxing community to solve their boxing problems simply and effectively. We are currently working on expanding the functionality of the platform, allowing boxing coaches the opportunity to register, receive feedback from boxers, find mentees, and generally interact with the boxing community. Boxers, for their part, will be able to find a personal boxing trainer with «‎Ready to Fight»

  2. Visit boxing clubs and gyms, undergo trial training - try to work with different trainers, observe them from the side, learn about their methods and approaches to training. Do you feel inspired and motivated when you watch them?

  3. Understand the coaching style and adaptability of the coach - there is no one-size-fits-all approach in boxing. Therefore, a coach must know how to adapt his training style to your unique characteristics and goals. He should also be able to identify your mistakes, teach you how to correct them, adapt to you, and be patient with you, even if you have to repeat the same action many times

  4. Does the Coach Take into Account the Psychological Component of Training?

This aspect includes:

  • various mental strategies in sports;

  • methods for motivating an athlete;

  • development of the ability to think quickly and build tactics on the go;

  • formation of the right mindset necessary for winning in the ring;

  • development of psychological stability and self-control.

  1. Is there «‎Chemistry», Comfort, and Mutual Understanding with the Coach?

It's important that you're comfortable working with your trainer, as this significantly influences the growth of your skills and the development of your boxing career. Pay attention to the coach's character and temperament, how they speak to you during training, and their correction methods. You should feel at ease, unashamed of your shortcomings and mistakes

  1. Can the Coach Inspire the Athlete?

Choose a trainer who will boost your fighting spirit, support, and inspire you towards new victories. Of course, their task is to maximize your sports potential and push you to the limits of your abilities, requiring coaching rigor, and occasionally, a stern approach. However, you should feel that even in such moments, the coach's intention is not to humiliate you, but to convince you that you're improving with each training session

  1. Discuss the Training Plan and the Cost

Once a potential trainer is selected, discuss with them the details of the training plan, frequency of sessions, and the cost of services. It's important to ensure that you have a clear understanding of each other, and that the training environment aligns with your capabilities, expectations, and goals

  1. Give the Coach Time

If you're still uncertain about your coach selection, don't rush it. Instead, give them some time, for example, a month. During this period, you can:

  • evaluate training results;

  • determine if there's chemistry between you and if you feel comfortable;

  • assess if you feel inspired after training;

  • ascertain if the coach understands you well, etc.

Finding a personal boxing trainer is a crucial step in your boxing career development. Aim to find a coach who is not only professional but also genuinely interested in your success. Mutual understanding and trust between you and your coach can lay the foundation for winning victories in boxing!

How to Find a Personal Boxing Trainer Near Me?

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