How to build boxing career

How to start a career in boxing? A question that thousands of boxers around the world are asking themselves. The most important thing for a beginner boxer is to treat it like a real job, a boxing job, do your best by improving your stamina, speed and punching technique.

What factors are important for a successful career in boxing?

1. Basic boxing skills, discipline and diligence

2. High-quality sparring sessions, preparation

3. Suitable coach, team

4. Promotion

5. Professional manager, agent

6. Regular participation in boxing fights

By working on these factors, you can achieve success in building a professional boxing career. And remember that boxing requires a lot of dedication and the right mindset. Train with the idea that your opponent in the ring wants to win just as much as you do.

Ready to Fight mission is to make career building easier and more accessible for every boxer in the world! That is why the platform takes into account the real factors that affect a career in boxing. Here you can find a suitable sparring partner, manager, agent, and in the future – a coach and other team members. You can promote yourself in the boxing community. And of course, sell your professional services.

How to build a boxing career on the Ready to Fight platform?

  1. Fill out your profile in as much detail as possible

  2. Promote yourself in the Feed

  3. Find an agent / a manager

  4. Find a sparring partner

  5. Offer your services as:

  • Sparring partner;

  • Opponent for a fight;

  • Agent, manager.