13 Jan

"Chisora's Trainer: '"Fury has a lot of holes in his armor"

Sean George, the coach of interim WBO heavyweight champion Zhang Zhilei, shared his perspective on Tyson Fury's technique:

"When people talk about Tyson Fury, they always mention his 2.07 meters height with significant reach. A giant who can box both as an orthodox and a southpaw. Everyone is constantly concerned about what he will do. I agree when they say he's a great master. I have no disrespect for him.

But still, there are many holes in his armor. Many ways to get to him. We also know that Tyson Fury is a dirty fighter. If you don't know this, watch his fights. I'm not talking about his gloves; I'm talking about headbutts, elbow strikes, pushes with the laced part of the gloves—I'm talking about those things. There was none of that in the fight against Ngannou.

I watched the Ngannou fight. Ngannou is an MMA fighter, and it had no effect on him. He has this peripheral vision when you expect rough things. You expect dirty moves from Fury and step into the ring against him. Ngannou exposed those moments of Tyson. There are other things I don't want to talk about.

Now Tyson will have another tough fight that will look different. How will the fight against Usyk go? I don't know. I'll just enjoy the match because Usyk is a skilled boxer. Let's see what comes out of it."

"Usyk is indeed a good puncher. I won't say he's a powerful puncher, but he's clever and nimble enough. You don't see where his punches come from. Plus, precision. His punches come out of nowhere. And such punches really stun Tyson. The punches he doesn't see. Steve Cunningham turned him off with a right hand. He didn't see that punch; it came out of nowhere. So, in my opinion, it will be an interesting battle.

I think Fury is looking for a bag of money. Titles don't bother him. He's waiting for fights that will bring him more money. But he has no fear," George said.

Fury's next fight against Usyk is set for February 17 in Saudi Arabia. In March, Zhang Zhilei may feature in the undercard of Joshua-Ngannou. Deontay Wilder was mentioned among the possible opponents.