28 Jan

"Zero, damn chance." Froch on talks about the Ward-Joshua fight!

Former world champion Andre Ward claimed that for him, a bout against Joe Calzaghe seems more challenging than facing Anthony Joshua:

"Dude, Calzaghe - he was a different fighter, he brought competition. He didn't have big punching power - he threw a million punches. He was fearless. I have nothing but respect for Calzaghe - he always did things right. One powerful punch would concern me if we talk about Anthony Joshua. He doesn't have the style - he's not a giant like George Foreman.

George knows how to tie you up, drag you, wear you out. Joshua tries to box, and also be cute. It's much easier to keep an eye on the right hand when you fight in this way, so a fight with Joe Calzaghe would be more difficult. Different style and different mentality," said Ward.

Former champion Carl Froch believes there's no sense in this:

"I think Ward's comments about Joshua and Calzaghe are just funny because Anthony is too big for him. It would be a mismatch due to the size difference. I don't understand where he got these thoughts at all. Joshua's height is almost 2 meters, weight 114 kg - Ward would have zero damn chance. Boxing is a sport where weight is regulated, and Ward is talking nonsense. I think he would give Calzaghe a really tough fight, an excellent bout. But Andre is talking nonsense about Joshua. Anthony is too big and too strong for Ward. I would even enjoy watching AJ knock out Andre, I would pay to see that.

But Ward would beat Calzaghe; he really has no flaws in his armor. Calzaghe deserved to lose to Robin Reid; he should have won by a judges' decision. He also fought against an old Hopkins and an old Roy Jones, so you have to give the edge to Ward in a bout with Calzaghe," said Froch.