29 Jan

Kambosos to Malignaggi: "Your Time's Ticked Out!"

The ex-undisputed lightweight champ (up to 61.2 kg) George Kambosos (21-2, 10 KOs) fired at Paul Malignaggi's comments. Malignaggi had remarked he's never seen anyone milk a single victory like Kambosos has.

"Seems to me you became yesterday's news back in 2013. That's when Broner snatched your girl and the belt. Post that, you've been getting schooled by MMA fighters in sparring and taken down in bare-knuckle face-offs. You've been bounced from gigs left and right.

You're living in a fantasy, but you got one punchline correct: 'Kambosos is bagging another monster paycheck,'" Kambosos jabbed.

Kambosos is gearing up for his next showdown on May 12 against Vasiliy Lomachenko. The IBF lightweight title will be up for grabs.