31 Oct

"Yes, there is a date in the contract," Krasyuk on negotiations with Fury and the fight's postponement.

In a recent interview for YouTube channel Seconds Out, Oleksandr Kraysuk, the Ukrainian promoter of Oleksandr Usyk, discussed negotiations with Tyson Fury regarding the unification bout. Specifically: Is there an exact date specified in the contract, and how do they view the potential postponement of the fight?

– Does the contract stipulate that the fight must take place on December 23?

– What did Tyson say last week?

- Oh, Tyson says a lot, but what you say, I think, inspires a little more confidence.

 – Yes, we have a date in the contract. But let's put it this way, we are smart people. If he's really injured and can't fight... It can happen to anyone. For example, he may simply be warming up and injure his arm or fist. Would it be okay for him to box in that case? Of course not.

But all this must be done correctly. If he is truly injured, there must be a medical procedure to prove it.

If they just don't want that date to fight because he's tired and they don't want to take the risk, then that doesn't sound reasonable. What is the difference between defeat on December 23, January 17 or, for example, February 13? The earlier the better.

– Could postponing the fight affect Usyk?

 - No one knows. But I don’t think this will create any obstacles for Usyk. He is a professional, and this is the most important point of his career. The place he had been going to for so long – almost 20 years. He's just one step away from his goal. I don't think anything can break his focus on this.

On the night of October 29, Tyson Fury secured a victory over Francis Ngannou through a split decision. Subsequently, Fury and Usyk engaged in a dramatic face-off, though the date for their impending bout remains undisclosed.