18 Dec

Wilder's Ring Forecast: Stormy Rounds Ahead for Parker!

Former world heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder spilled the beans on his game plan against Joseph Parker:

"In my head, it's a three or four-round dance, tops. But hey, the ring's full of surprises.

I'm picturing a quick tango, but ain't rushing the rhythm. I'll stick to my knockout style. This bout? It's ending with someone on the canvas.

I have respect for Joe. I don't play trash talk to hype a match. I keep it real. If we're cool, we're cool. If not, well, that's another story.

I'm straight-up, no pretense. That makes me a wild card in the ring," Wilder declared.

The Wilder-Parker showdown is set to rock Saudi Arabia on December 23.

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