24 Dec

"We won't see this Russian anymore." Fury's Mahmudov's defeat

British coach and Tyson Fury's uncle, Peter, commented on Agit Kabayel's victory over russian Arslanbek Mahmudov:

"Brilliant performance from Kabayel, a good fight to watch. We won't see this big russian anymore. Unless maybe in the next Bond movie," wrote Fury.

On December 23 in Saudi Arabia, Agit Kabayel won against Mahmudov by a premature victory in the 4th round. Earlier, Arslanbek claimed he was ready to beat Tyson Fury, and the British boxer called the Russian "Anus Sniffer Mahmoo-h##v." Fury responded, "If he's a man, let him say it to my face. And he'll see what I'll do."

Defeat at the hands of Kabayel is Mahmudov's first in his career.