24 Mar

Ward Criticizes Canelo's Reaction as Evidence of Mental Weakness

In an interview with FightHype.com, former world champion in the super middleweight (up to 76.2 kg) and light heavyweight (up to 79.37 kg) divisions, Andre Ward, responded to the absolute world champion in the super middleweight division, Saul Alvarez's (60-2-2, 39 KOs) claim that Andre is jealous of Canelo and will never get a fight with him.

"First and foremost, let me say, he never called my name. There were plenty of opportunities to challenge me, especially when he fought Kovalev. That's not what he wants. He can use fees and all that stuff against other guys. It doesn’t work on me. It might sound good to fans, there might be nice headlines, but in reality, it's a lie. You don't know what's in my bank account. You don't know what I have. Nobody will stop me from speaking the truth and about what irritates him.

He understands that such a reaction indicates mental weakness, you see? If Mike Tyson says something you don't like, you have to silently accept it. But the first thing he did was start attacking Mike Tyson. I don't support that, no one will make me silent in this sport: not the fans, not the fighters. If I want to ask or say something – I say it.

I have the right to speak out. These are facts, and you won't make me retract my words. Accusing me of hatred? You can't make me hate anyone. People don't talk about how I give credit to Canelo at the same time. Canelo avoided me – that's not true. We never had a history, we had only one common opponent. Why is he telling me this? These things don't work on me.

It might work on those who want a fight. I don't want a fight with Canelo and don't think of Canelo in that way, but I also won't keep silent and won't mince my words because his fans don't want to hear the truth. It's not just me saying this," said Ward.

Canelo Alvarez's next fight will be against Jaime Munguia (43-0, 34 KOs) on May 4th in Las Vegas, USA.