20 May

Vasyl Lomachenko Responds to Devin Haney's Criticism, Urges Adherence to Boxing Rules - VIDEO

Ukrainian boxer, Vasyl Lomachenko, has reacted to derogatory comments from the undisputed lightweight champion of the world, Devin Haney, and called on him to gain a deeper understanding of the rules of boxing. According to Lomachenko, he has consistently demonstrated sportsmanship in the ring, complying with the established norms and regulations.

"Haney's words don't bother me. I know who I am and what I can do. Throughout my boxing career I have always been a gentleman in the ring. I can't comment on his words. Maybe you should have asked him that. Why does he express himself in such a manner?" Lomachenko remarked during an interview on the YouTube channel, Fight Hub TV.

Ломаченко: Мне все равно на мнение тех людей, которые считают меня  аутсайдером - Бокс

The Ukrainian fighter also made it clear that he abides by the boxing rules, which include working in the clinch. In his view, clinch shots are part of the rules and he continues this approach until the referee signals otherwise. Lomachenko stressed that understanding the rules is crucial at any range in the ring and recommended that Haney familiarize himself more thoroughly with the rules and adhere to them.

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