13 Feb

Ukrainian Vykhryst has suffered his first defeat in professional boxing

Viktor Vykhryst, the Ukrainian heavyweight boxer, experienced his first defeat in the professional boxing arena after losing by technical knockout to Lenier Pero, the Cuban fighter, during the eighth round of their match.

Выхрист отправился в США, где проведет бой в первый день нового года -  iSport.ua

The fight against the undefeated Lenier Pero (9-0, 6 KO) marked Vykhryst's second match in less than two months.  It was only last December that the Ukrainian won his 11th consecutive victory, defeating the American Franklin Lawrence.

Viktor was notably more active at the outset of his match against Pero in the city of San Antonio, USA. By the end of the third round, he had landed a forceful blow to the Cuban's head, though Pero managed to stay on his feet.