17 Mar

Tyson's Knockout: A No-Win Situation for Jake Paul

UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier explained why the matchup between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul is particularly dire for the latter.

"Mike Tyson is nearly 60 years old. He's almost 15 years older than me.

Can you just come out and beat Mike Tyson? It could ruin your career. Paul has now put himself in a no-win situation. I don't know if he's thought this through as much as he should have.

If you come out and beat Mike Tyson, everyone's going to be really mad at you. If Paul knocks out Mike, it could be the end," Cormier stated.

Tyson and Paul have announced a confrontation set for July 20, which will be streamed on Netflix on a subscription basis. Whether this will be an official or exhibition match remains unclear.