29 Dec

Tyson Fury Names The One Opponent He Was ‘Obsessed’ With Beating

WBC super heavyweight champion Tyson Fury said that his life goal was a fight with Ukrainian world champion Volodymyr Klitschko.

Ф'юрі: Я був одержимий боєм з Кличком протягом багатьох років - Бокс

"Many years ago, Klitschko said at a press conference: "You want my belts, don't you? You need what I have." I said "no". I had to sneeze at all this. I just want to punch you in the face, buddy."

"And he didn't understand it, but I hope he can understand it today. None of this was ever what I wanted. I just wanted to beat this person. And then when I defeated her, Everest was conquered. done My life goal was achieved by defeating him."

"It was always about winning over Klitschko. I have been obsessed with this man for years. Obsession is a crazy thing… Nobody gave me a chance. And when I beat him, that was it."

Tyson Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko by unanimous decision in the summer of 2015. Later, the boxers agreed on a rematch. However, Fury first got into a scandal due to the use of doping, and then - due to cocaine addiction, after which he first announced the end of his career.