22 Oct

Tyson Fury Invites Usyk and Family to his Home, Reveals Fury's Manager

Spencer Brown, manager of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has shared the story of how an agreement was reached for the upcoming fight with Oleksandr Usyk:

"We met in London. We all gathered in a room and spent four to five hours together with all parties. We sorted everything out very easily. Tyson was delighted. We addressed the financials and all the other details that often go unnoticed," Brown stated in an interview with TalkSport.

Brown also mentioned that Usyk and Fury had a phone conversation:

"Tyson and Usyk had genuine communication. Tyson invited Oleksandr and his children to spend a weekend with him after his fight (with Francis Ngannu). To be honest, it all went smoothly. We organized the fight effortlessly, and here we are now.

Tyson said, 'Thank you very much, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in the ring.' After we settled everything, he told Usyk, 'I'd like to see you in Morecambe, where I live. Bring the kids along for the weekend,'" Brown added.

Usyk and Fury have signed a contract for a fight, though the precise date of the bout is yet to be determined. On October 28th, Fury is scheduled to face former UFC champion Francis Ngannou.

In a recent interview, Usyk mentioned that the fight with Tyson in December is unlikely to happen. Meanwhile, Fury revealed that after his bouts with Ngannou and Usyk, he plans to sign a contract for ten more fights.