24 Jun

Tyson Fury Dismisses Possibility of Bout Against Jon Jones

Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, has voiced his disinterest in a fight against UFC heavyweight champion, Jon Jones. Fury has labelled the discussion about a potential fight as "absolutely ridiculous".

"To be honest with you, all this talk of a me and Jon Jones fighting in a cage is absolutely ridiculous. I’m the lineal world heavyweight champion. Why would I even dream of going in a cage and wrestling and all that? It’s not my thing," Fury clarified.

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Fury pointed out that the notion was instigated by Joe Rogan: "It was actually Joe Rogan, little s***bag, who [started this]. Just out of the blue, there was no talk of me or Jon even fighting. Jon’s a great guy, probably the GOAT of MMA."

In response to Rogan's assertion that he would lose if he found himself in a room with Jones, Fury quipped: "If someone goes in the room with me and it’s no holds barred, you’re going to have to kill me to stop me."