09 Jul

Wilder's Trainer Levels Accusation of Hostility at Hearn

Malik Scott, who trains former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KO), has been forthright about his dissatisfaction with promoter Eddie Hearn's stance.

"When you ask Eddie Hearn about Deontay Wilder, it feels akin to walking into a Christian church, brandishing the Koran, and declaring, 'This is the truth.' Outside of acknowledging Deontay's punching power, I've never heard Eddie utter a positive word about him, although that's not entirely surprising," conveyed Scott.

Малик Скотт: «Чтобы Уайлдер не дрался до декабря, компенсация, которую он  должен получить, должна быть чрезвычайно высокой» - Бокс на UA.Tribuna.comScott's discontent lies in Hearn's handling of his protégé. He points out the promoter's conspicuous sway over the boxers he manages, including Anthony Joshua (AJ).

"Anticipating a compliment about Deontay from Eddie Hearn is futile, just as expecting him to critique AJ is. He is firmly in AJ's corner and unequivocally against Wilder. But we don't need him," concluded Scott.

Undeterred by Hearn's criticism, Scott and Wilder persist in their preparations for upcoming fights.