26 Jun

Tony Bellew Mulls Boxing Comeback, Throws Down Challenge to Lukasz Rozanski

Former WBC heavyweight champion Tony Bellew is contemplating a return to the professional boxing ring. Having retired from the sport after a loss to Oleksandr Usyk in 2018, the 40-year-old English boxer is now weighing up a comeback.

Усик уступал Белью на момент остановки бояBellew directly challenged WBC bridgeweight champion Lukasz Rozanski through a tweet, suggesting a bout. "I think your in need of a fight that goes past 4 rounds. I’m bored and don’t see anything that suggests you can do it against me! What you think?" Bellew posed this challenge on Twitter.

Тони Белью: В реванше с Усиком Джошуа будет себя чувствовать, будто он  против всего мира - iSport.uaRozanski responded favorably to the offer, albeit with reservations about the veteran's capacity to endure such a match. "Why not? I'm waiting for a good offer! Are you sure you can last it?" Rozanski retorted.