21 Dec

Kickboxing Twist: Jarrell Miller Shocks with Leg Kicks, British Boxer Spills Details!

British boxer Anthony Fowler commented on American Jarrell Miller's sparring session with Lawrence Okolie in Miami.

"Jarrell's a right muppet. During sparring with Lawrence Okolie, he nearly snapped his arm and started lobbing leg kicks in the gym. Steroid tantrum, that is. 

He's a massive bellend, no doubt. Watching him spar with Okolie, I was gobsmacked by his size. But, if he's off the juice, he'll be a faint echo of what he was and might gas out quick. I'm rooting for Dubois to wallop him," Fowler remarked. 

The upcoming Miller vs. Dubois fight is scheduled for Dec. 23 in Saudi Arabia.