15 Apr

The United States and Great Britain are set to establish a new boxing organization.

A coalition of countries, led by the USA and Great Britain, aims to revolutionize the rules of this prestigious sport.

The United States and Great Britain have grown tired of the continuous scandals surrounding the International Boxing Association, prompting them to create a new organization for the sport. It is worth noting that the pro-Russian leadership of the IBA has been engaged in a long-standing conflict with the IOC and recently faced controversy over admitting athletes from aggressor nations to the world championships.

According to Inside the Games, a group of countries led by the United States and Britain plan to leave the organization headed by Umar Kremlov. In its place, they intend to establish a new organization called World Boxing. An online briefing on this subject is scheduled for today, April 13, with the participation of the USA, Great Britain, and several other European countries.

"Four boxing leaders will be available to answer questions about this worldwide development which is designed to secure boxing's on-going place at the heart of the Olympic Movement and deliver a better future for the sport," reads a statement from the organizers.

США и Великобритания выйдут из Международной федерации бокса и создадут  свою организацию

It should be noted that earlier, 11 countries boycotted the World Boxing Championship, held under the auspices of the IBA, due to the unrestricted admission of Russian and Belarusian competitors.

Furthermore, while the IBA has unveiled its qualification system for the 2024 Olympics, the IOC has declared that the International Boxing Association will not be involved in the Olympic qualification process for boxing.