27 Aug

The UFC legend vividly knocked out his opponent in a rematch

The legendary ex-champion of the UFC in the lightest category, the American Demetrius Johnson (31 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw), who was beaten in the title fight, got even with the Brazilian Adriano Moraes (20 wins, 4 losses) in a rematch.

The opening two rounds of the fight, which became the main event of the ONE on Prime Video 1 tournament in Kallang (Singapore), took place with the advantage of the 33-year-old Brazilian. But already in the third, 36-year-old Johnson, nicknamed the Mighty Mouse (he is 160 cm tall), began to dominate the Octagon, inflicting an opening above the right eye on the opponent, who is 13 cm taller than him, and in the fourth sent Moraes to a murderous knockout. The American stunned the Brazilian with a straight right, and when the opponent rested his back against the net, Demetrius finished him off with a devastating knee strike in the jump - video.