06 Mar

The legendary Tyson predicted the winner of the Usyk - Fury fight (VIDEO)

The legendary American boxer, Mike Tyson, offered his prediction for a potential title fight in the super heavyweight division between Tyson Fury of Britain and Oleksandr Usyk of Ukraine.

Tyson suggested that Fury would emerge victorious in the match, while also indicating that Usyk would need to adopt a strategic boxing approach rather than solely relying on his speed, as reported by iD Boxing.

"Fury will defeat Usyk. He [Usyk] cannot run forever. Fury will corner him and deliver his punches. Eventually Fury would shake him. Usyk cannot run all evening. To win this fight, he needs to stay put and fight,” Tyson said.

Майк Тайсон назвав сучасного боксера, з яким він би побоявся битися |  Fightnews.info

He added that if Usyk chooses the tactic of avoiding the fight and the fight lasts 12 rounds, the judges will not award the victory to the Ukrainian.

"At some point in the fight he will be forced to fight. He can't run and box all evening. The judges won't give him a decision. After watching Fury vs. Deontay Wilder, they won't be running and punching. They want to see a fight," concluded Tyson.

Currently, the contract for the fight between Usyk and Fury has not yet been signed.