07 Feb

Behind the Bout: Lopez Sheds Light on Taylor's Weighty Issue

WBO super lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez (19-1, 13 KOs) shared his views on weight games in boxing, explicitly citing his fight with Josh Taylor.

"You know what Josh Taylor weighed on our fight night? Over 74 pounds! That's well over the 63.5 kg limit. The guy was a giant in there. That explains his success against others. Just look at the size difference," Lopez explained to Cigar Talk.

Lopez was dismissive of the rehydration clause like the one Gervonta Davis used against Ryan Garcia in 2023. "A rehydration clause? If you're truly the best, none of that matters," he stated.

Lopez, who claimed the WBO title by defeating Josh Taylor in the summer of 2023, looks forward to his upcoming bout. He's scheduled to fight Jemaine Ortiz on February 9 in Las Vegas.