07 Feb

Teofimo on Shakur: "He Can Jab, But Can He Take a Hit?"

WBO super lightweight champ Teofimo Lopez threw a verbal jab discussing his spar session with WBC lightweight titleholder Shakur Stevenson:

"No doubt, Shakur's got skills and slick moves. But the guy's got a glass jaw fear—scared of taking a hit, terrified of tasting the canvas in full view.

I'm not just throwing shade at his last bout; it's the whole nine yards. We touched gloves in the ring for three rounds once. Does Shakur pack a decent jab? Sure, he does. But once you've got that covered, he's out of tricks," Lopez dished out.

Teofimo's eyeing his successive win on February 9 in Vegas, stepping into the ring with Jemaine Ortiz. Get ready for the fireworks!