30 Oct

Telling Ronaldo About Boxing: Usyk on Championships, Knockdown from Bakole, and the War

In a new interview for the YouTube channel Seconds Out, Ukrainian heavyweight champion with WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO titles, Alexander Usyk, talks about the knockdown that Martin Bakole constantly mentions, his communication with Cristiano Ronaldo, and much more.

Regarding the knockdown in sparring that Bakole talks about:

"We have videos of all the sparring sessions. If Martin wants the truth, we can post videos of all the sparring sessions specifically with him. No, there was no knockout or knockdown. Many sparring partners hit me in the head during training, and it hurts, yes. But they don't stop me."

About being an undisputed champion:

"It's not all about Tyson. He's just a regular boxer with the WBC belt. WBC wants me; it misses me. It wants to come to the brothers – WBA, WBO, IBF, and he's the fourth. He wants to join the siblings, go back home to Ukraine."

On communicating with Ronaldo:

"At the Fury vs. Ngannou event, I was just enjoying the boxing. I don't often find myself outside the ring but ringside. I talked to Cristiano Ronaldo. He asked me what was happening, and I told him a bit. I introduced him to boxing. By the way, he's a very pleasant person, despite being a superstar. Very down-to-earth."

About the war in Ukraine:

"It's tough for us, but we continue. They keep trying to kill us, conquer us. Our guys keep fighting for our country, and we continue to stand and fight for our freedom. Avdiivka is being torn to pieces right now, but not much is said about it. Rockets hit our homes, and little children die, but it's mentioned on a small scale. I receive news every day from friends on the front lines that one of my acquaintances on duty is no longer with us."

On what he wants to achieve outside of boxing:

"I have everything, thank God. I have a family, children, faith in God. I continue to enjoy this and move forward. And I also want to become the champion of Ukraine in football with the 'Polesye' football club."

On what he'd like people to say about him after his career:

"That I loved the world with all its flaws. I really love people, all people. I love to communicate and share stories when asked."

Regarding being among sports legends at the Fury vs. Ngannou event:

"When I saw how many legends were here, I remembered watching them on black-and-white TV. My father told me back then that I could achieve anything. At one moment, I looked at the mountain and thought, 'Dad, can you see where I am?' When I was there, I almost fell into pink pieces."

About READY TO FIGHT, a new project:

"This is an incredible new project we are doing with partners and friends. It's a new level of boxing organization in everything: manager, gym, coach, masseur, and more. It will help us achieve a significantly higher level."