23 Jan

Atlas Gave a Knockout Critique of Golden Boy's Arena Antics

Teddy Atlas, a renowned trainer, delivered a knockout critique on the production quality of Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy boxing events.

"Talking about De La Hoya's gigs... I'm not throwing a haymaker at DAZN overall since Hearn's also in the ring there, and that's a different fight. But Oscar's nights? They're like shadow boxing in production quality - arena, the whole visual, the acoustics.

It feels like you're watching a bootleg bout. Zero championship quality. It's akin to a high school drama club production. Just doesn't pack the punch of a top-tier show, the kind that Virgil Ortiz deserves," Atlas remarked on his YouTube channel.

Get ready to rumble: the next showdown under De La Hoya's Golden Boy banner is set to feature Munguia and Ryder in the headline fight.