18 Nov

"Taking on John Fury": Krassyuk on Usyk, Fury, and Swift Negotiations

Oleksandr Krassyuk, promoter of world champion Oleksandr Usyk, shared insights in an interview with Daily Mail Sport regarding negotiations with Tyson Fury's team and the British boxer's father.

Surprise in Seeing Tyson Fury in London

"Firstly, what surprised me in London was seeing Tyson Fury here. If he's appeared, it means the fight is on. This is astonishing! Finally, we are one step closer. Nevertheless, I will only be completely sure the fight will happen when the bell for the first round rings. Until then – no. I have hope, but I've been in boxing too long and remain critical."

Brief Negotiations and Two Final Dates

"Did negotiations take a day? No, not quite. It took 15-20 minutes. Tyson's manager, Frank, George Warren, and Usyk – we were together. Tyson was not with us. We agreed on a date with the organizers from Saudi Arabia and were highly cooperative. Then we realized December 23 was an impossible date because Tyson had been slightly beaten in the ring. So, we decided that demanding adherence to the date was not a constructive position. Later, we had two dates – February 17 and 24. February 24 was highly negative. It coincided with the full-scale invasion of Ukraine two years ago. We couldn't accept it. The 17th works for us. As you see, the number "17" is a constant companion for Usyk. It holds significant meaning – his birthdate and Muhammad Ali's birthdate, a good omen."

Taking on Tyson's Father

"Does John Fury sometimes steal the show? I will take care of John. My fight against John Fury on the undercard? My father taught me never to fight older men."

Fury Will Do Right by Not Attacking Usyk's Body

"From a technical standpoint, if a giant like Tyson Fury starts targeting the body of a smaller opponent, it opens up opportunities for counterattacks. And that could be a decisive moment for him. I think what he says about not doing it is wise."

Prediction for the February 17 Fight

"The belts will head back to Ukraine. Home."

The bout between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury for the title of undisputed champion in heavyweight will take place on February 17 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.