13 Mar

Sulaiman: "Now Everyone Is Writing Off Fury"

In an interview with Sky Sports, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman commented on the victory of former heavyweight (over 90,7 kg) champion Anthony Joshua (28-3, 25 KOs) over former UFC champion Francis Ngannou (0-2, 0 KOs).

"It was incredible. He looked like a world champion – huge, powerful, accurate, and made a statement. I'm very proud and happy for him.

That's how the world works; you're judged by your last performance. Now, he's seen as a formidable force, and everyone says he's the best heavyweight in the world, whereas last year, they had written him off. Now everyone's writing off Fury, but we'll see on May 18th.

That's how media, fans, and people are. We love to speculate, we love to comment, we love to be part of the conversation, but the truth is boxing has so many factors.

It's all about styles. Joe Frazier dominated and knocked down Muhammad Ali, only to be knocked out in the next fight and go down six times against George Foreman.

So, it all depends on styles, you can't compare two fighters based on their past fights, but it's great when conversations revolve around boxing," said Sulaiman.

The fight between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou took place on March 8th in Saudi Arabia. In the first round, Joshua sent his opponent to the canvas. In the second, the Brit finished the confrontation by sending his opponent to a second knockdown, then finishing him off with a single punch.