30 Jul

Stephen Fulton Voices Disappointment Following TKO Loss to Naoya Inoue

In a bout for the WBC and WBO bantamweight titles, former world champion Stephen Fulton (21-1, 8 KOs) expressed profound disappointment following his 8th round TKO defeat to Naoya Inoue (25-0, 22 KOs).

Fulton maintains that he is the superior fighter and sees this loss as a significant challenge for him. He confessed that he failed to display his true capabilities during his match with Inoue. Despite considering himself as part of the weight class's elite, he concedes that he fell short of proving this in the fight.

Фултон - Роман: прогноз и ставка на бой 5 июня 2022Nevertheless, Fulton pledges to bounce back stronger, ready to contend for the championship titles once more. While he acknowledged his defeat, he asserts that he will leave no stone unturned to reclaim his standing in the global boxing arena.

Inoue, justifiably emerging victorious from this face-off, exhibited his prowess and technical finesse throughout the fight. He maintains his undefeated streak with an impressive professional record, continuing his triumphant boxing career.