23 Mar

Shevadzutsky: "I Was Offered a Fight with Whyte"

In an interview with vRINGe, two-time Ukrainian amateur champion and heavyweight (over 90,7 kg) contender Igor Shevadzutsky (11-1, 9 KOs) confirmed his upcoming match against Kubrat Pulev (30-3, 14 KOs) on March 30th in Sofia, Bulgaria, stepping in for the injured German Mahmoud Charr (34-4, 20 KOs).

Igor, colleagues from LuckyPunch shared insider info that on March 30th, you'll be fighting in Sofia, Bulgaria, against local former title challenger Kubrat Pulev. Can you confirm?

Yes, that's correct.

How did it happen? When did you receive the offer?

First, they asked me yesterday afternoon if I'd theoretically be ready to fight Pulev. I said "yes." That's it. I was at training in the evening, they called me, asked for a definite confirmation. I confirmed. And we shook hands on it.

Pulev planned a title fight with WBA World champion Mahmoud Charr, but he got injured. Will your fight have a belt at stake? Maybe the WBA Gold?

I don't know. Anything's possible. But the fight is set for 12 rounds. They don't just set 12 rounds for no reason. Perhaps there will be some title at stake.

You're taking the fight on short notice. How prepared are you?

I've been training well. I had a fight in February. Went abroad for two weeks for business. After returning, I got a bit sick – the climate change affected me.

Since then, I've just been maintaining form. Obviously, I'm not at my peak. But when such a chance falls into your lap – to share the ring with a good boxer – I believe you can't pass it up.

To be honest, such offers are rare. For example, two weeks ago, I was offered a fight with Dillian Whyte. I agreed to that too. Although there, as here, they offered very little money. Not the kind of money you fight such opponents for.

I just had a fight. Two weeks passed. They offered, and I immediately agreed. But I understand it's not about the money. It's about my name. When else will I get the chance to share the ring with worthy and good opponents? With fighters with big names?

I've decided to grab every opportunity that comes my way. What else can you do? Sit around? Wait? Wait for what? Until I'm 40? If you're going to try – it has to be here and now. This is the path that needs to be walked. I don't want to box with, to put it mildly, people who are much lower level. Better to be strong among the strong, than strong among the weak.

I'm going there to do my job. I'm going there to enjoy it.