05 Apr

What's the issue with The Gypsy King?

Oleksandr Usyk recently gave an interview to the YouTube channel "Kyiv Cake", where he discussed the past negotiations and the collapse of the fight.
Below, we present a brief excerpt from the interview.

Interviewer: Alex Krassyuk mentioned that you're a very principled person and could walk away from negotiations at any moment. When did you genuinely want to leave the negotiations, and how many times did that occur?

Usyk: I mentioned it for the first time, and then the second time, I realized nothing was happening; he was trying to play games with us. So I said goodbye. Initially, I gave a warning, and the conversation continued. There was no negative reaction from their side, so I reached out to Alex Krassyuk, Egis, and the rest of the team, saying, "Guys, we're getting nowhere; he's dragging this out to the last minute, avoiding commitment by making up excuses and reasons not to proceed. I told them, "We're tired of playing by their rules. Let's have some self-respect and just do our own thing. After all, we have to focus on ourselves, not be led by others' whims." That's it.


Interviewer: Is it true that Fury mentioned such an amount that even if you waived your fee entirely, he still wouldn't have enough?

Usyk: Yes, he was talking about astronomical figures in the millions, claiming, "I am a king; I am expensive," and so on. I'm not sure if I can disclose the exact amount he mentioned, but I believe it was more than $100 million.

Interviewer: Just for him?

Usyk: Yes, and he would say, "I'm Tyson Fury. I'm a king; I deserve a lot." I responded by telling him that a fighter's greatness isn't measured in money, millions, or even tens of millions. The greatness of a fighter lies in their battles and their journey. Earning $100 million may seem significant now, but a year later, someone else might earn $200 million, and people will forget about your $100 million. However, if you defeat everyone and hold all four belts, that's a legacy that people will remember for a very long time!