05 Feb

Shakur Shakes Up the Scene: The Comeback Chronicles

WBC lightweight kingpin Shakur Stevenson (21-0, 10 KOs) spilled the beans on his next move and if he's punching his way out of the retirement corner:

"I'm all geared up to jump back in the fray. Holding the WBC strap means I'm the roadblock to lightweight supremacy.

It looks like the ranks are aligning - take the Lomachenko vs. Navarrete matchup. They're wondering if they can clinch the lightweight crown without snatching the WBC title from my grasp. Let them try their luck. I'll be here, ready to throw down with anyone who steps up.

My shot's bound to come. There's no chance I'll nab the undisputed lightweight title unless these cats step to me," Stevenson declared.

In 2023, Shakur threw a curveball, announcing his bow-out from the sweet science.