30 Jan

End of an Era? John Ryder's Retirement Talk Heats Up

Eddie Hearn, promoter of John Ryder (32-7, 18 KOs), reflects on his fighter's future post-defeat to Jaime Munguia (43-0, 34 KOs):

"Post-fight, it's always tough. But considering the peaks Ryder's scaled, especially against Canelo and Munguia, it might be time to hang up the gloves. We had high hopes, and so did he. The early rounds were rough, especially with what should've been a knockdown in the fourth. Two knockdowns within the first four rounds? Tough to bounce back. He faced a younger, fresher opponent, and now it's time for some hard truths," says Hearn.

Tony Sims, Ryder's trainer, isn't dismissing the idea either: "John's pushing 36, had a solid run. Against Munguia, he hit the canvas four times – tough to watch. He's a fighter, always gets back up, but at 36, it's a different game. That ninth-round knockdown? A brutal head shot. One of the worst I've seen, and he kept rising – I don't want that for him now. It looks like this was his last round in the ring. He's not said it outright, but after this? Can't see him lacing up again," states Sims.

Ryder's battle with Munguia ended in a technical knockout in the ninth. Ryder went down in the 2nd, 4th, and twice in the 9th, leading to his trainer pulling him from the fight.