28 Dec

The RTF Community Campaign: Box Your Way to Digital Rewards!

Welcome to all boxing fans and digital pioneers. We have great news for you as Ready To Fight kickstarted the "RTF Community Campaign." Wondering where to find the perfect balance between your passion for boxing and the innovation perks of the digital age? Then you've come to the right place!

Behold the One and Only Ready To Fight (RTF)

RTF is an innovative app co-created and inspired by Oleksandr Usyk for boxing fans worldwide. It's supported by the World Boxing Council (WBC), a well-known and respected organization in professional boxing. Meanwhile, the RTF Community Campaign is like a secret sauce of the RTF ecosystem, offering an entertainment space for users to engage and earn digital tokens.

RTF's Innovative Features

The RTF ecosystem stands out with its unique blend of features:

Subring: A digital arena where your social network presence can transform into tangible rewards. Here, popularity pays off, and exclusive content is just a click away.

Questing Platform: This is where fun meets rewards. Complete tasks and earn prizes for your efforts.

Web3 Wallet: A user-friendly gateway powered by OKX's X1 network, making it easy for everyone from the Web2 world to join the digital currency revolution happening in Web3.

RTF aims to create a vibrant ecosystem, connecting boxing enthusiasts with the growing community of cryptocurrency users.

Spotlight on $RTF token

The native $RTF token is the centerpiece of the RTF ecosystem with impressive utility diversity. The cutting-edge token serves multiple purposes:

It delivers a new revenue stream for boxers.

It operates as a means for diverse service payments.

It streamlines trading processes.

It grants access to exclusive, members-only content.

The RTF Community Campaign in Detail

The campaign is one of the most effective ways of $RTF token allocation, assuming an impressive mix of user engagement level and entertainment flur. The exclusive engagement hinges on two fundamental elements, namely:

Social Network Engagement: Hosted on Zealy, these tasks are pretty simple, although they do not lack the essential elements of interactivity, user interaction, and immersion in the ecosystem. User activities include subscribing, engaging with content, inviting friends, and aiming for the top of the leaderboard.

RTF App Activities: The tasks within the RTF app (already on the App Store and Google Play) promise extra avenues to earn tokens (coming soon).

Understanding the Rewards System

A grand total of 1,000,000 $RTF tokens ($120,000 equivalent) are set aside for the campaign. Here’s the allocation details:

1st Stage of the Campaign: 40% (400,000 tokens)

2nd Stage of the Campaign: 60% (600,000 tokens)

The allotment is based on participants' engagement levels in Zealy tasks and the upcoming RTF App activities. The idea is that each user's total number of tokens will depend on their engagement levels and leaderboard ranking.

Mark Your Calendars

The campaign is a two-month adventure in the world of digital boxing. It started with the Zealy tasks on December 27, 2023, and the RTF app tasks will follow on January 3, 2024. 

Stay tuned as we plan to add more missions to spur your activity and make the campaign progress journey even more exciting!


Let's be honest: the RTF Community Campaign is not just about an exciting journey offering the opportunity to earn some tokens. It's an exclusive activity aimed at bridging the boxing and digital worlds.

Whether you're a die-hard boxing fan, a crypto enthusiast, or both, this campaign is your ticket to a new and thrilling experience. Sounds exciting, right? Then go check it out right away!