15 Mar

Tsotne Rogava's Path to a Title Fight

Jonathan Wally, one of the coaches of Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Tsotne Rogava (5-0, 5 KOs), shared insights on when the athlete would be ready for a championship title fight.

"I would say in about five fights, Rogava could be put in a big fight. In ten – he should be fighting for a title. He just finished sparring with a guy who I think will soon become a world champion in heavyweight (referring to Gilberto Ramirez), and he handled him every time. Everyone he has been in the ring with, including Gurgan Oganesyan, are potential PPV fights.

Tsotne has been involved in Muay Thai all his life, and just a year after he started boxing, he made it to the Ukrainian national team and became an Olympian. If you know how to fight, you can fight. When you are skilled at it, everything comes together. That's how, only a year into boxing, you make it to the Ukrainian national team," Wally said.

The next fight for the 30-year-old Tsotne is scheduled for March 23 in the USA. This will be Rogava's third fight in 2024, with his two previous bouts ending in first-round knockouts.