20 Mar

Rogava on Sanchez: "And That's It?"

In an interview with vRINGe, Ukrainian heavyweight (over 90,7 kg) boxer Tsotne Rogava (5-0, 5 KOs) shared his experience sparring with Cuban Frank Sanchez (24-0, 17 KOs).

"They invited me to San Diego. That's where I first saw Eddy Reynoso. They asked me if I could last 10 rounds. I said, 'No problem.' But after 7 rounds, they said that was enough. Reynoso then spent a few minutes asking me who I was and where I came from.

He's nicknamed 'The Flash,' from the Cuban boxing school. But I can't say he surprised me with anything. Comparing him to Usyk, who really impressed me in our first sparring sessions, there wasn't anything like that here. Even more so. I watched him in action. And my first thought was: 'And that's it?'

I still don't understand why they call him The Flash. I thought I would see some incredible speed. But in reality, he fought with me for 5 rounds, and then Reynoso started yelling at him: 'Run!'. And he started running away from me, like in amateur boxing. And it all ended after 7 rounds instead of the promised 10," said Rogava.

Tsotne Rogava's next fight will be on March 23 against Antonio Brown (8-4, 8 KOs) in Ontario, USA.