08 Feb

The Ready to Fight app is already making waves, ranking #15 on the App Store in Social Networking and #3 on Google Play in free sports apps!

Since the official launch on November 14, the RTFight app has rapidly climbed the ranks, now sitting within the top 15 on iOS and soaring to the top 3 on Android among free sports applications. Ready To Fight is a pivotal link for boxers, coaches, agents, sports teams, fans, and businesses. It facilitates collaboration with top-tier professionals, elevating your boxing career, and offers comprehensive support and opportunities for media exposure through the RTFight app.

The app provides:

- Access to a broad range of job openings tailored for boxing industry professionals.

- Exclusive previews of interviews and the latest updates directly from the boxing scene.

- Informative content and programs for young athletes.

- A specialized online marketplace for quality boxing equipment, gear, and exclusive RTF sportswear.

- A virtual coaching platform and interaction with the app's ambassadors.

- A Digital Marketing Center for connecting advertisers with a boxing-engaged audience.

- Solutions for cross-border payments, personalized cards, blockchain technology, and native token.

Join the vibrant boxing community today!

Download the RTFight app on iOS or Android.