21 Jan

Crawford trainer mentions a possible replacement for Errol Spence

Bernie Davis, a trainer working with Terence Crawford's team, revealed who they are considering as a possible opponent if Errol Spence is not available:

"I think Tszyu would be the right opponent for Terence if there is no rematch with Spence. We want to move forward and make history; we have something to wake up for every day. While Ennis is an attractive option, I think Tszyu is a slightly more advanced candidate for the fight.

Tim fought against better opponents than Jaron. I think he was spectacular in the ring, and the whole of Australia supported him. Plus, he has what we need. It's another weight class to move up to. It's another goal to strive for," Davis said in an interview with MillCity Boxing.

Tim Tszyu's fight was originally scheduled for March 2 but has been postponed. Terence Crawford was supposed to face Errol Spence in a rematch, but Errol underwent a second eye surgery, so it's currently unknown if the second fight will take place.