11 Mar

Oleksandr KRASSYUK: "Usyk cannot enter the ring by himself, there will be no fight without Fury"

The promoter of Oleksandr Usyk, Alex Krassyuk, recently disclosed that thus far, reaching an agreement with Tyson Fury for a title unification fight has not been possible.

"We want to have this fight. And Usyk is ready to share the amount that can be generated. If you manage to earn a lot - great. If not - so be it. But this is a huge duel that we want to hold. However, both boxers are needed. If only Usyk enters the ring, there will be no fight for all the titles. What more can we say? Maybe some don't want to take risks and want to stay in their comfort zone."

Красюк: Распределение доходов 50:50 более чем справедливо, учитывая что у  Усика три пояса, а у

"If Tyson doesn't want it, we're left with three belts. At first they agreed to split the fee 50-50, then Fury wanted more money. Okay, we're 60-40 in favor of the winner, that's our final offer."

"Fury refused," said Krassyuk.