05 Mar

Oleksandr Gvozdyk commented on his future plans

Oleksandr Gvozdyk, the former light heavyweight world champion, has discussed his future plans and revealed that he does not receive many invitations from prominent promotional companies.

“I’m collaborating with Eddie Reynoso. He acts as my manager now. He arranges fights for me and will organize the next fight. How this will develop in the future remains to be seen. I don’t have any contracts with any promotions right now, I don’t have an official manager.”

“Now my boxing business is handled by Eddie Reynoso. My coach is Marco Contreras. So far, this is all I can say about my team. Now we will meet with the physical training coach. Perhaps there will be a new member on my team.”

“No one jumped on me because I don’t think I’m very interesting to anyone right now. Firstly, this year I will be 36. I had a break of three years. That’s why I don’t think people have a lot of faith in me.”

"There were one or two promotional companies, but not very popular. More requests from promotion companies that are just starting their work. They need people with a name who will represent their company, but, of course, they cannot pay decent money for this. But nothing. I hope I have a good fight now and then maybe something more interesting."

“Now I can say anything:” I’m coming, I’m coming for you. But I try to be pragmatic about such things and say it like it is. At the moment there are no promoters interested in me. At least no one calls me. But I have my own plan, I know how I will move. I think that will change” - said Gvozdyk.

История выступлений Александра Гвоздика за российскую команду по боксу -  Чемпионат

After a lengthy hiatus, Gvozdyk triumphed over his opponent Jose Obando from Mexico by a points decision in their first bout. Originally, Oleksandr had intended to face off against Argentine Jorge Miranda, but circumstances led to Obando stepping up to the challenge.

Following his victorious return to the ring, Gvozdyk announced that he has set his sights on his next fight scheduled for May. The Ukrainian fighter has already commenced his preparations in training camp.