24 Aug

Muhammad Ali's Grandchildren Decline Fight Against Jake Paul

The grandchildren of Muhammad Ali, namely B'Yadjo Ali Walsh and Niko Ali Walsh, have decided against entering the ring against YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul (8-1, 6 KOs). They expressed that despite Jake Paul's marketing prowess and attention-grabbing abilities, they're uninterested due to the weight disparity.

B'Yadjo Ali Walsh clarified that he competes in the 155-pound category, in contrast to Jake Paul's weight, which exceeds 200 pounds. He further explained that even if he gains weight, it could negatively impact his speed and agility, thus rendering the fight impractical. Nonetheless, he extended admiration for Jake and his brother Logan for their marketing work, which inspires him to promote himself.

Niko Ali Walsh emphasized that his current focus lies in continuing his grandfather's boxing legacy and forging his own path. He emphasized that while he doesn't hold any disrespect for Jake, engaging in a match with him might pigeonhole him as a YouTuber, a classification that doesn't align with his identity as a professional boxer.

Both affirmed their identity as genuine boxers and expressed their intent to continue facing other professional boxers and scaling heights in their field.