11 Dec

Groves Hails Usyk as 'Heavyweight Genius' Ahead of Fury Fight

Former world champion George Groves, a big name in the super middleweight ring from Britain, has thrown in his two cents on the upcoming clash of heavyweights. He's sizing up the bout between Britain's WBC heavyweight king, Tyson Fury, and Ukraine's multi-titleholder, Oleksandr Usyk.

"Usyk tops the charts in the ring. His form? Tip-top. Maybe that's my bias speaking, but I'm all in on Usyk. He's the ringmaster in the heavyweight space," Groves muses.

"Usyk's a classic fighter, with a ring IQ off the charts and a knack for outwitting rivals. Count me as a big-time Usyk backer. Sure, he's up against a mountain in Fury - height, reach, bulk. But my money's on Usyk to weather that storm."

Groves doesn't shy away from pointing out Fury's need for a game-changer post-Ngannou. "Fury's gotta flip the script against Usyk. Maybe it's time for him to get back to basics, tweak his tactics, and bring a fiercer fight."

Mark your calendars - Usyk and Fury will throw down on February 17 in Saudi Arabia. It's the first showdown for the undisputed heavyweight crown since '99.

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