15 Jan

The Fight Outside the Ring: Salita Defends Miller Against Arrest Allegations

Dmitry Salita, the cornerman for the American heavyweight Jarrell Miller, weighed in on the rap his fighter's facing – a one-two combo of carjacking and maybe roughing up someone:

"I huddled with his kin, and honestly, I'm floored by this whole deal. I've eyeballed the accusations. The Jarrell they're painting? It doesn't square with the guy I know. It's hard to picture him going full-throttle rogue like they claim. He's not that fighter in my book. The news caught me off-guard. He buzzed me yesterday and gave me his side of the scrap. I'm zipped on the details, but what he laid out paints a different picture," Salita countered.

Word of Miller's pinch-hit the streets earlier. Per the cop's scorecard, the pugilist heisted a black Dodge Ram pickup right off a dealer's lot.