25 Aug

Mike Perry challenges Jake Paul

Bare-knuckle fighter Mike Perry thinks he'll be the perfect match for YouTube star Jake Paul as their fight will not only be spectacular, but also cash-in.

He spoke about this after his victory over Michael Page, which he got in a grueling six-round battle that took place at the BKFC 27 tournament.

Perry has not fought in the UFC since losing to Daniel Rodriguez in 2021. Since then, he first tried his hand at boxing, and then moved on to bare-knuckle fighting.

The victory over Page gave Mike the perfect opportunity to challenge Paul. The ex-UFC fighter is sure that Jake is too scared and will never agree to a bare-knuckle fight, so he is ready to “put back the pillows” and arrange a boxing match with the Disney Boy.

Джейк Пол бросил вызов Порье, пообещал нокаутировать Диаса и высмеял Дану  УайтаJake, you need a rival. You need a money fight. I'm a fight for real money I can put the pillows back on my arms if you're afraid to poke your fist,” Perry said.

Jake Paul clearly enjoys fighting former UFC stars in the boxing ring. At the moment, he doesn't have a scheduled fight, and therefore his meeting with Perry does not seem so unrealistic.

Paul has a 5-0 record. His track record includes a victory over Ben Askren, as well as two victories over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

It is worth noting that rumors are now actively circulating that Nate Diaz may become Jake's next opponent. And this fight definitely promises to be cash.