09 Jul

Lukasz Rozanski Set for Showdown with Badou Jack in WBC Bridgeweight Title Defense

Rumors have been swirling in the boxing community about a face-off between two WBC champions, Lukasz Rozanski of the bridgeweight division, and Badou Jack, the reigning champion of the first heavyweight. Although the fight hasn't been officially confirmed, Boxing Scene has reported that it's likely to take place later this year.

In an intriguing turn of events, Badou Jack recently unveiled his negotiations with the undisputed world champion of the second middleweight, Saul Alvarez. The talks, however, collapsed under the weight of Alvarez's team's demands.

Meanwhile, Lukasz Rozanski found himself in the crosshairs of boxing veteran Tony Bellew, who hasn't stepped into the ring since November 2018. Despite this, the WBC encouraged Rozanski to defend his title against Kevin Lerena. According to Bokser.org, Lerena graciously agreed to step aside, paving the way for Rozanski to square off against Jack.

As of now, the specifics of the impending clash between Lukasz Rozanski and Badou Jack remain a mystery. Boxing fans across the globe are on tenterhooks, awaiting the official confirmation of this potential blockbuster match.