23 Apr

Lopez Predicts Lomachenko Victory in Haney Fight

Teofimo Lopez, a former rival of Vasyl Lomachenko, has shared his prediction for the upcoming bout between the Ukrainian fighter and American boxer Devin Haney.

Lopez believes that Haney will lack the strength and technique to sustain an attack throughout the match, ultimately resulting in Lomachenko's victory.

"I think Lomachenko will win this fight. It's due to the intelligence of his punches and his overall strategy. He's exhausting to face. Even though Devin has proper training, you can't defend against Loma all the time. You have to go on the offensive, and I don't think Devin is up to the task.”

“The difference in dimensions does not matter. Loma fought against bigger boxers. Think - a two-time Olympic medalist, has more than 400 amateur fights, a champion of three divisions in professionals. He boxed against tall and short, against anyone. Even though Devin has a good jab, he's too scared to use it," said Lopez.

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