18 May

Lomachenko Readies for His "Last Chance": The Bout with Haney Could Be Pivotal - VIDEO

Vasyl Lomachenko is gearing up for what may be the most significant fight of his career. He recognizes this as his final opportunity to become the undisputed champion, hence his unwavering determination to claim victory.

Lomachenko underscores the importance of his forthcoming bout with Devin Haney, who currently holds the undisputed champion title in the lightweight division. He is fully aware that a loss in this fight could severely hinder his path towards title unification, presenting a formidable obstacle on his journey to the pinnacle of the sport.

"We all understand that if I don't take this chance, Haney's going to move up. I believe he's going to move up. So this is my last chance. After that, it might take me ten years to combine the titles, so it's unrealistic."

"I always train hard, I always do it at a high level. But this training was special for me, because I believe in my dream, in my goal. All my training was very difficult and went 100 percent," Lomachenko shared in a comment to Fight Hub TV.

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For the Ukrainian boxer, this fight will test not just his physical endurance, but also his mental fortitude. He is ready to give it his all, withstand any challenges, even if it means standing on one leg, if required.

Join us in supporting Vasyl Lomachenko, who valiantly represents Ukraine in this monumental match. Remember, the bout between Haney and Lomachenko is set for May 20th, promising to be a memorable event in boxing history.